Iconic Murals in Austin

Austin Street Art

Iconic Murals in Austin & Where To Find Them

In Austin, home of the weird, graffiti isn’t simply graffiti — it’s an art that we Austinites embrace. We’ve created a guide of awesome murals for you to find, enjoy, and use as creative inspiration.

Live Music Capital of the World

Snap a picture of yourself with the famous faces of Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Janis Joplin, and more as they serve to remind us of Austin’s musical history. Debuting in 2009, this mural can be found on the side of the Black Cat Lounge on 6th Street near San Jacinto.

6th street live music capital of the world mural....just a couple blocks from MDO World Headquarters | Austin murals, Austin photos, Mural

South Austin Music

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the South Austin Music store, Aaron Sacco painted a wall mural depicting more than 30 Austin musicians on the side of the South Austin Music building, located on South Lamar.

South Austin Music Another mural depicting Austin music legends on the side of the South Austin Music building on So… (With images) | Austin murals, Austin music, Austin artists

Rock and Roll Saved My Black Heart & Soul

Look upon and love this homage to Joan Jett and Rock and Roll made by Shepard Fairey in March 2013 during the SXSW festival. Located at 304 W 4th Street, this mural is an awesome tribute to Austin’s title of Live Music Capital of the World.

Welcome to Historic Sixth

This welcoming bevy of words was designed and painted in 2012 by Sanctuary Printshop to dress up a bland exterior wall at 6th Street and the I-35 frontage road. Espousing all the good things of Austin, it’s a great photo-op spot to say you were here.

I Love You So Much

Spray-painted on the wall outside Jo’s Hot Coffee in the SoCo district, is the simple sentiment that causes couples and loved ones to line up for snapshot with it. Originally sprayed in 2010 by Amy Cook for her partner Liz Lambert, it was vandalized in early 2011. The touching testimonial was soon painted over and recreated, though.

i love you so much austin murals

Texas Cattle

Located between 6th and 7th streets on San Jacinto, you can’t miss this mural- literally, it takes up a city block. As the name implies, cattle wander the rolling hills as bats take to the night sky and a Cadillac makes its way to the big city on 183.

Texas Cattle Mural Austin (San Jacinto between 6th & 7th street downtown) | Best cities, Visit texas, City

The Truth Will Set You Free

Painted by Mike Johnston, these sage words of wisdom reside beside the image of an old-school boom box featuring local radio station Mix 94.7. Find it on Eason between 10th and 12th.

20+ Best Austin Street Art images | street art, austin, austin murals

Welcome to the East Sixth IBIZ District

This colorful cacophony features storefronts reminiscent of the 55 locally-owned businesses in this district that runs from I35 to Comal St on East 6th Street.

austin tx mural

Hi, How Are You?

“Jeremiah the Innocent” came into the world on musician Daniel Johnston’s album cover to “Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album” back in 1983. At the request of Sound Exchange record store, Johnston made Jeremiah into wall art in 1993. Since then he’s leaped from the Drag on 21st and Guadalupe onto t-shirts and inspired the “Hi How Are You?” iPhone game.

austin Hi How Are You mural

I Don’t Know Whose Weirder, You or Me

This simple question floats from the mind of a spray-painted blonde pinup created by Niz. See it and mull over your answer in person at Castle Hill.

mural artists austin tx


Spanish for “Treasures,” this mural by Frederico Archuleta is one of the many murals decorating South Congress. Found on Elizabeth and S. Congress, it features Mary, mother of Jesus, and is a twin to another painting located on the Drag.

downtown austin mural art


Created in 1986 by John Fisher, and restored in 1999, this mural explores African-American identity and hardships through history. It can be seen at the George Washington Carver Library and Museum at 1161 Angelina St.

Carver Branch | Austin Public Library

You’re My Butter Half

Created in 2012 by John Rockwell and the Creative Suitcase team as part of an image update for United Way of Greater Austin, this painting beckons couples forth for a photo-opportunity from its home at the United Way Austin building, across from Bennu Coffee on East MLK.

austin street art

All About Austin

This colorful mural depicts the Capitol Building, Congress Bridge, U.T. Tower, and more. It can be seen at the corner of South Congress and Riverside.

Jolly Old Fellas

These smoking gents support each other and their beer on the front of Gingerman Pub, located on Lavaca Street between 3rd & 4th Streets.

Ramblings around DC and Beyond: Austin Murals | Austin murals, Mural, Lavaca


Head to the Austin 23rd Street Austin Marketplace on 23rd Street to see this mural, begun in 1974 and updated in 2002, of the landmarks of downtown Austin and the state of Texas.

Austintatious austin mural

Greetings from Austin

Residing on the side of Roadhouse Relics on South First Street and Annie, this iconic photo-op spot was first painted in 1998 by Todd Sanders and Rory Skagen. This postcard-style piece of art pays homage to Austin while rolling out a welcome mat to visitors.

mural Greetings from Austin

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Even in death, these two skulls lay locked in love, surrounded by a heart. Painted by Federico Archuleta, this macabre homage to love can be seen at the Mexic-Arte Museum at 419 Congress  Ave.

‘Til Death Do Us Part Austin mural

Dexter’s Laboratory Graffiti

Will Dexter escape the wrath of DeeDee’s spray can? Fans of the Cartoon Network show can view this mural of the young genius and his sister on the East 5th Street Graffiti Wall.

austin mural Dexter’s Laboratory Graffiti

Triple Cash

See the red, white, and blue faces of Johnny Cash that emerged March 8, 2008 on the wall at Rio Grande & 6th St. on Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

Photos at Wahoo's Fish Taco (Now Closed) - Downtown Austin - 58 tips

OBEY: H.O.P.E Campaign

Created by the OBEY group Part of the HOPE Campaign’s “Local to Global Outdoor Gallery Project,” this mural depicts LP covers based on Shepard Fairey’s exhibition “Revolutions” Check it out at Baylor St & 11th.

hope outdoor gallery austin


Located at Burnett Rd. and 49th Street at the Omelettry, see Humpty Dumpty fall from the wall and into the pan as a chef awaits nearby.

Omelettry austin mural


Head over to the Austin Graffiti Park at 1100 Baylor St. in Austin, and you’ll find all the street art you could possibly want.

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