Top 10 Natural Food Stores in Austin

Top 10 Natural Food Stores in Austin

Buying at natural food stores could be a great escape from the big-box experience and gets you familiar with foods your typical supermarket might not have. Natural food stores tend to buy from local farmers and are more responsible growers. Some of the health food store let you opt in as a member to allow you member discounts on produce and other foods. They’re great sources to give you foods for the plant-based diet. Organic food is great for health, and there are a lot of stores that offer organic food in Austin, and here is our top list.

Natural Grocers

4615 N Lamar Blvd. Suite 304,
Austin, TX  78751

From the smallest detail to the largest, whether it’s refrigerating our nuts and seeds for freshness or only selling 100% organic and GMO-free produce, pasture-based dairy and antibiotic and hormone-free meats… we are, and have always been, your original good4uSM Grocers. And how can we stake our claim for this unconventional title? It goes back to how our company was founded. For more than 50 years, we’ve proudly committed ourselves to being your community grocer, providing you with the very best products at affordable rates you can trust. –

Thom’s Market

1418 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78704

Thom’s Market was inspired during a year-long sailing trip with my family. Maintaining fresh food on our boat required hiking to a nearby market wherever we anchored. I realized that vintage, neighborhood grocery stores, like my grandfather’s, had all but vanished. I was inspired to open an old-school local market in Austin. Today, Thom’s operates three stores including locations on Riverside, Barton Springs and Spyglass. –

Wheatsville Food Co-op

4001 S Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704

Wheatsville Food Co-op is a full service, natural foods cooperative grocery store, which has been serving the central Austin community since 1976. Wheatsville is the only retail food cooperative in Texas and has over 24,000 invested owners. Invested owners participate democratically and financially in the co-op. In 2013, we were proud to have realized our dream of opening a second store. –

Sprouts Farmers Market

Brody Oaks Shopping Center,
4006 S Lamar Blvd. Ste 400,
Austin, TX 78704

We believe healthy living is a journey and every meal is a choice. We love to inspire, educate and empower every person to eat healthier and live a better life. This isn’t just a mission. It’s our passion. Our grocery shopping experience makes healthy living easy and affordable. Our bright and cheery neighborhood stores offer fresh, natural and organic groceries at incredible prices – and in an approachable setting that feels like an old-fashioned farmers market.-

Trader Joe’s

211 Walter Seaholm Dr. Ste 100,
Austin, TX 78701

The first Trader Joe’s store opened in 1967 in Pasadena, California. (That store is still there. It’s still operating. It still has the same parking lot.) The store had a nautical theme and it was run by people who were described as “traders on the high seas.” At the time, Joe had been reading a book called “White Shadows in the South Seas,” and he’d been to the Disneyland Jungle Trip ride, and it all just…coalesced. To this day, Trader Joe’s Crew Members consider themselves “traders on the culinary seas” and are known for their bright, tropical-patterned shirts and for generally being nice, helpful, and well informed. –

Central Market

4001 N Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78756

At Central Market, we’re really into food. With hundreds of cheeses, thousands of wines, acres of produce, and aisles of experts, we make it our mission to help you experience food in a whole new way. Plus we think beyond the plate, with cooking classes, live music, and more at every location. So come fill a basket with your favorites, and fill your head with ideas. –

Whole Foods Market

525 N Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703

Who are we? Well, we seek out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture. Add to that the excitement and fun we bring to shopping for groceries, and you start to get a sense of what we’re all about. Oh yeah, we’re a mission-driven company too. –

Fresh Plus Grocery

1221 W Lynn St.
Austin, TX 78703

At Fresh Plus our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality local products in Austin, Texas. Fresh Plus has been locally owned and operated in Austin, Texas for nearly 100 years. That said, we know what it is like to compete against the big national chains. After all, we have been doing it for quite some time. For this reason, we have decided to make it our mission to partner with as many locally-owned businesses as possible. So when you shop at Fresh Plus you are not just supporting us, but also the hundreds of local businesses you can find on our shelves! –


1000 E 41st St.
Austin, TX 78751

At H-E-B, we believe grocery shopping is more than an errand. That’s why it’s our pledge to always go above and beyond. No Store Does More™ to bring families in Texas the very best locally grown produce, 100% pure beef, and hundreds of products made around the world – all at great low prices. –

Rabbit Food Grocery

2425 Exposition Bld. Ste. A
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 666-8638

Founded by Jessica Morris and Gabriel Figueroa who are both longtime vegans with a passion for helping people go vegan and stay vegan. The team at Rabbit Food Grocery is dedicated to serving the community by living our core values of Giving, Teamwork, Passion, Creativity, Fun, Service, Caring, Integrity, Trust, and Education. Our mission at Rabbit Food Grocery is to grow the vegan community by helping people go vegan and stay vegan for the animals, our health, and the environment. –

Information On Buying Organic Food

If this is your first time looking to eat organic foods or if you are looking to make a full switch to eating organically, you may be unsure as to where you can purchase your foods from. After a close examination, you will see that you have a number of different options. In fact, many individuals are surprised when they see just how easy it is to find and buy all natural organic foods.

Before covering a few of the many places where organic foods can be found, it’s important that you know what to look for. For one hundred percent all natural, organic foods, you’ll want to search for the certified organic label or sticker.  These labels and stickers are often prominently displayed on organic foods.  When you see these certified organic stickers or labels, you know that what are buying is “truly,” organic. In fact, manufacturers can’t claim that their foods are organic unless they meet specific standards.

One of the most common places that organic foods are purchased from is locally.  When looking to shop locally for organic foods, you should have a number of different options. One of these options is supermarkets or grocery stores. Most have an organic food section, depending on the supermarket in question, this organic food section can be quite small, but a large number of products are often featured. You just may not have as many organic food product brands to choose from.

Another way that you can go about finding organic foods for sale locally is by visiting an organic food store, also commonly referred to as a natural food store. These are stores that specialize solely in the selling of all natural, organic foods. Although many individuals find it easier to shop for organic foods at a grocery store or supermarket, as it can sometimes be more convenient to do so, specialty food stores are increasing in popularity. Now many large cities and towns have them. If you do have access to a specialty organic food store, consider shopping there, as you’re likely to find the largest selection of products with reasonable prices.

As nice as it is to shop locally, you may not have a specialty organic food store to shop at or you may be unimpressed with the selection of organic foods at your local grocery stores. If that is the case, you can also shop online.  There are a number of organic food stores that can be found online with a standard internet search. These food stores often sell organic foods from a number of different companies or brands. There are also a number of organic food manufacturers that sell their own brands online.

In keeping with shopping online for organic foods, you might be surprised with what you find available. In fact, many individuals mistakenly believe that shopping online for organic foods limits their selection of products, but it doesn’t have to. For example, Earth’s Best Organic specials in selling food designed for babies and small children. They sell organic baby formula, organic first foods, and organic meals and snacks for toddlers and preschoolers.  Diamond Organic, which is based out of California, sells a wide range of organic foods, including fresh vegetables. It’s also possible to find and buy frozen organic dinners online as well.

As highlighted above, there are a number of different ways that you can go about buying organic foods, both on and offline. To help provide you with the best product selection as well as the best prices, consider giving each method of shopping a try.

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