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Precision K9 Work

Dog Trainers in Austin TX

Precision K9 Work can help you with…

  •  Realistically assess training options that will work with your dog, your goals, and your lifestyle.
  • Pre-adoption consultation, helping you find a dog that will match your lifestyle and expectations.
  • Post-adoption consultation, helping you get your new dog settled in with the right frame of mind moving forward.
  • Basic puppy set-up, helping you get your relationship with your new family member off to a good start. “Bad” behaviors are usually just normal dog tendencies that have been allowed to get out of control. In puppyhood these tendencies are easy to curb!
  • Understanding dog body language, especially during play. Correcting inappropriate play behaviors.

Training for specific behaviors, with dogs of all ages, including:

  • grooming
  • leash pulling
  • off-leash behavior, including socialization and play
  • possessiveness
  • reactivity (barking and lunging on the walk or in the home)
  • aggression (trying to harm a person or animal, whether fear- or dominance-based)
  • structured exercise (fetch, biking, jogging, tug with rules, treadmill)
  • excessive barking
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • etc. etc. etc.

Please contact Precision K9 Work to set up a consultation and design a customized training program for your family and needs. My rates are flexible and affordable, and near-to-me initial meetings are free.

Austin Dog Training

A dog is a joy to own. A well-trained one is far better. Dogs that have been trained by professional dog trainers are even-tempered. This allows them to be more sociable animals not with just their fellow dogs, but also with humans. Furthermore, if a dog receives professional dog training, it becomes happier because fewer restrictions are imposed. There is not one pet owner in the world who would NOT appreciate a well-mannered dog. Dogs that undergo professional dog training receive considerably greater amounts of praise, affection, attention, and interaction from its owners and guests.

Dog Trainers Austin

If you are a dog owner who is interested in enlisting your dog in professional dog training programs, you are presented with several options. First, you can enrol them in a dog training school. This requires you to leave your beloved pet with the training institution for a period of time, between two to four weeks. A second option would be to join group sessions in professional dog training which are offered within your locality. This option is a cheaper option than the first one. The last option is to hire a private dog trainer who visits your home and conducts professional dog training with you and your dog in the confines of your own home. As with other training programs, professional dog training starts with the basic lessons, particularly those that address the chewing, biting, barking, and digging issues of your dog’s behaviour. Dog obedience lessons are next to include response to basic hand signal commands. A quality dog trainer will also educate the owner what to do in tricky situations such as housetraining.

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